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Eden Hills

Lease a Goat Through Eden Hills

Through Teresa’s Lease a Goat program, you don’t get physical custody of “your” goat, but you can follow her throughout the year as she has her baby, weans her kid(s), and watches them leave the farm.

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The Goat Sitter

Anyone Need a Goat Sitter?

Her name is Luna, and she comes with excellent references.

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Katherine Dunn's Misfits of Love

Please Help Katherine Dunn’s Kickstarter Project “Misfits of Love”

Katherine provides a safe place for aging and ailing goats, donkeys, and other creatures, and her goal is to share her beautiful collection of short stories, art, and photography about the many old and neglected creatures that make it into her barnyard.

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The running of the lambs

Appreciating Our South African Sheep Friends

I always enjoy gorgeous sheep photos like the ones sent to me by my new friend Barbara of Silvermere in South Africa.

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Pino’s Pie Day to Help Bring Aging and Neglected Donkeys to Apifera Farm

Pino’s Pie Day at Apifera Farm in Yamhill, Oregon helps raise money to bring abused and neglected donkeys to the farm.

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The First Artistic Rendering of Pasqualina

Yesterday I got an amazing care package in the mail full of goodies that one doesn’t normally find in southern Italy — things like candy corn, Ziploc bags, peanut butter cups, chocolate chips, and Hershey’s kisses. There were even two doggie toys in there for my girls Luna and Stella. This was Stella about five minutes after I gave her one of the toys:

Stella and her new toy

Stella and her new toy

But by far the best part of the whole package was this drawing by Sarah, who I’m told simply adores Pasqualina and Pinta:

Drawing by Sarah

Drawing by Sarah

The drawing is a wonderful artistic rendering of the photo of Baby Pasqualina that appears in the Nanny Goats in Panties 2011 Calendar. I took the drawing over to show Pasqualina yesterday, and I know she liked it because she wanted to eat it — the highest form of goat flattery.

Thanks so much to Sarah and Sarah’s mom, Beth, who along with her teenage son Ryan, blogs at A Diabetic Life about Ryan’s ongoing challenge of living with Type 1 Diabetes. Care packages are great, but care packages with drawings of baby goats? Doesn’t get better than that.

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