GoatSpotting at 11th Annual Maine Fiber Frolic

Friend, faithful reader, and fellow goat lover Ann in Maine recently had a fantastic time at Fiber Frolic in Windsor, Maine, and she so kindly shared some photos of the caprine guests in attendance.

Fiber Frolic is sponsored by the Maine Alpaca Association and celebrates fiber, fiber animals, and fiber arts. There are contests, competitions like “sheep to shawl,” and shows, including one of cashmere goats. Yay!

Now the photos.

Let’s start off with this blue-eyed kid, who can’t be more than two weeks old:

Baby goat at Fiber Frolic

Baby goat at Fiber Frolic

And here’s the baby goat’s mommy — also with blue eyes!

Kid's mommy at Fiber Frolic

Kid's mommy at Fiber Frolic

And finally, a curly-cued cutie:

Pretty goat at Maine Fiber Frolic

Pretty goat at Maine Fiber Frolic

Gah! As I like to say in my best LOLcat voice:

Teh cuteness. Make it stop.

Thanks Ann, and remember, if you’ve spotted goats out and about, please send photos in for GoatSpotting!

Has anyone else been to Fiber Frolic?

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One Response to “GoatSpotting at 11th Annual Maine Fiber Frolic”
  1. 06.08.2011

    Love the last photo Michelle, what a pretty face…like you said!

    So darling! Thanks for coming by, Pam!


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