GoatSpotting: Testa Dura Goat Cheese

Thanks so much to friend and faithful reader Jill for sending in this magnificent advertisement for goat cheese, as spotted in the Italian newspaper Leggo:

Testa Dura goat cheese!

Testa Dura goat cheese!


I’m not sure there’s a better brand name for goat products than “Testa Dura” — hard head — in Italian.

It’s extra-special to me because besides  being a great description of a goat’s literal hard head and stubborn personality, it’s also what people from Calabria, the toe of Italy’s boot where I live, are known as — “teste dure” or hardheads — which is why I’ve also used it as my screen name on Expats in Italy for years.

Yes, we calabrese sure can be stubborn, but maybe that’s why I get along so well with goats — takes one to know one? Kindred hard heads!

Thanks so much for thinking of us, Jill!

Remember to send in your GoatSpotting photos as you come across them & I’ll publish them here!

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2 Responses to “GoatSpotting: Testa Dura Goat Cheese”
  1. Jill

    I love that you published it here, it was fun to spot the other day! xo (PS – I have no idea why you could not tag me…boh! FB has been strange today…)

    I tried with a couple other friends just out of curiosity, and it wasn’t letting me tag some other people either — seems like it would only let me tag a page there for a while. Boh. Anyhoo happy you got to see it here 🙂


  2. 12.03.2015

    Wanted to say thanks for holindg your workshops on Sundays. Some of us work on Saturdays! Have you ever used the Crabtree and Evelyn Goat Milk Soap? That smell is so wonderful.


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