Michelle FabioWelcome to Goat Berries, the maaaaad goat raising adventures of an American attorney-turned-writer transplanted in Calabria, Italy.

I’m Michelle Fabio, and I’ve been a goat maaaa since February 2009 when a month-old kid that we named Pasqualina landed on our doorstep.

I live in a medieval village in southern Italy; my family left this town for America over 100 years ago. For more on that story, see my other website, Bleeding Espresso.

I’m certainly no expert on goat care, but I love reading and sharing information and experiences, so I hope you’ll join us on our journey!

Meet the girls:

Pasqualina and her kid, Pinta, born 22 March 2010

Sadly we lost Pinta suddenly on December 19, 2011 and had to re-home Pasqualina in 2014, which I wrote about at Never Say Goat-Bye. I’ve gotten to see her since then, and I’ve kept this site up for the archives and memories. I also keep the Facebook page active for goat links and such because I still love goaties and hope to someday be in the position to share my lives with more of them.

Previous members of the herd who will always hold *very* special places in my heart include the following who have moved on to greener pastures with new goat caretakers:

Margherita and her kid, Colombo, born 21 March 2010

Carmelina and her kid, Nina, born 20 March 2010

Thanks for reading!


Goats that readers have spotted out and about. Send your photos to michelle(at)goatberries(dot)com! 

Baby the Goat in Georgia
Anguillian Goats
Goats in Central Park Zoo, NYC
Goats goats goats galore!
Tuscan goat
Goat on donkey (no not in that way)
Oman goat
Goat in tree in Africa
Testa Dura Goat Cheese
Goat at Maine Fiber Frolic 2011