GoatSpotting: Goats in Trees in Africa

If you’re a goatie person, you’ve probably already seen the many photos of goats in trees floating around the Interwebs — indeed, there’s even a Goats in Trees calendar!

But the photos I’m about to share are extra-special because they were taken by a friend of mine, Ms SomePinkFlowers who runs a fabulous blog by the same name. I’m going to give you a taste, but you simply *must* click over for much more goatie goodness.

Goats in trees in Africa

Goats in trees in Africa

And the following is a conversation as recorded by SPF:

Ahmed the goat

“wait! wait!
is that michelle from italy down there?”

ahmed asked hopefully
thinking if so
she might know his cousin, pinta…

P.S. This is not only GoatSpotting at its finest, but it also counts in the Goats of the World series! We love our international goats! Thanks so much SPF!

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7 Responses to “GoatSpotting: Goats in Trees in Africa”
  1. Gil

    I can’t wait to see some pictures of some Calabrian goats in olive trees!

    Haha not going to happen in *our* olive trees — we need those olives for oil! 😉


  2. I will reiterate part of what I said in my comment for the post you made regarding yoga on Bleeding E. I appreciate “your generous spirit in acknowledging others. I wrote about your practice of doing this in my June 30th blog post where I followed up on my half-year mark’s blog entries.” Meanwhile these goats in trees are precious. Thanks for sharing them and for the link to SomePinkFlowers.—— Patricia Youngquist — the LLG (Last Leaf Gardener).

    Thank you so much, Patricia; I have visited your wonderful posts from the end of June but haven’t gotten to comment yet…but I will! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂


  3. 07.24.2011

    this is EXACTLY what i heard ahmed say
    as he looked around!

    if you love goats–
    and who does not?–
    you MUST travel
    the road from Marrakesh to Essaouira…
    the goats will be waiting
    on the left
    on the right
    high over*head!

    {{ tell ahmed,
    somepinkflowers sends her love! }}

    Thanks so much again, SPF…these goaties are just *so* lovely!


  4. 08.05.2011

    I have seen this before and it is amazing, but with goats, the higher the better….xo! p.s. the photography is so excellent!


    michelle Reply:

    Agreed, Pam!


  5. Dom J.

    Wow! How did these goats climb up the tree? They looked lovely I’m amazed by what I saw. Are this wild goats? Can’t wait to see more amazing goat powers here. Hehehe… I love it. Thanks.


    michelle Reply:

    Goats love to climb!


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