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Goats 2, Audio Cables 0

Goat chews up reporter’s audio cable, cutting interview short.

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Christmas Goat

Giggle with the Goats Jingle Bells Holiday Performance

Check out this festive and OMG ADORABLE Christmas goat video from

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Do Your Goats Need a Goat Tower?

OK, *need* is a strong word, but remember when we talked about goat bridges, and how you shouldn’t show your goats that bridge if you weren’t willing to follow through?

Well check this out:

Goats in the Tower on Flickr by George Conard

Goats in the Tower on Flickr by George Conard

And there are lots more goat towers at Goat Towers Around the World.

Anyone else kind of jealous of those goats? How fun would it be to have your very own tower?

Imagine the amazing views!

Building a Goat Bridge

Do your goats have a bridge?

If not, whatever you do, don’t show them this video.

I made the mistake of showing this to the girls, and all I can say is boy oh boy does P have some work to do….

The Real Goats of USA Soccer

For those of you not following the World Cup, the United States has a big game today against Algeria.

Yes, I live in Italy and am an Italian/American dual citizen, so I also root for the fighting Azzurri of Italia. But you know what they say: you can take a girl out of the USA (OO-sah as it’s pronounced in Italy), but you can’t take the USA out of the girl.

Apparently, my divided loyalties have rubbed off on my goats, because they can’t wait to get their hooves, well, teeth on any and all things red, white, and blue — and these girls really aren’t usually clothes nibblers, honestly!

You can’t see it from the photos, but my t-shirt has on something like this:

And so USA soccer/calcio/football fans, the next time you need a goat, we have your goats right here. You know, I’m thinking there’s a great marketing opportunity in there somewhere…aha!

The Real Goats of USA Soccer.

Bravo? Call me.

Let’s bleat.

Mamma and Baby Goat at Play

As those of you who have goats know, watching them play can provide hours of entertainment.

For me, there’s something especially adorable about seeing Pasqualina and Pinta start to play like peers, especially since I so clearly remember Pasqualina being the size of Pinta last year at this time. They grow so fast! Can someone please stop that?!

Here are some photos from a recent play session of Mamma and baby goat:


And it all ends with a kiss:


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