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Pasqualina's Nanny Goats in Panties Calendar spread

Nanny Goats in Panties 2012 Calendar: Call for Submissions

The deadline is approaching for 2012 Nanny Goats in Panties calendar submissions. Send in those goat photos!

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Adopt a Cashmere Goat in Italy

Adopt a cashmere goat from Nora Kravis’ Chianti Cashmere in Italy.

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Goat Coats and Other Regretsy Fun

My friend Rebecca who runs Brigolante Guest Apartments in Umbria, Italy and also writes a wonderful blog recently sent me a link to this entry on Regretsy:

Pink Leopard Goat Coat

Pink Leopard Goat Coat from Furbabies Boutique on Etsy

Yes, that’s a goat coat made of “Pink Leopard fleece with contrast pink fleece. Fringed edges, velcro closures at neck and tummy.” It’s already been sold, but you can get the pattern if you’d like to make one yourself. Indeed, Furbabies Boutique has quite a few rather adorable sewing and crochet patterns — and not just for animal clothes but also fun socks, which actually make me want to learn to crochet.

Regretsy exists to poke fun at some of the items for sale on Etsy, but in all seriousness, if I lived in a colder climate, I’d put coats on my goats too — I don’t know that I’d go pink leopard fleece, but Clowee the pygmy in the photo really works it! I just don’t know if my girls are *that* into pink.

Now ponchos for chicks? Those I’m not so sure about….

Chicken Poncho on Etsy

Chicken Poncho by Goose on the Loose on Etsy

Do your goats wear coats?

Can you recommend goat coats for other readers who might be in the market (and not looking to sew)?

2011 Nanny Goats in Panties Calendar Now Available!

The other day my mom said to me, “Oh, a calendar arrived in the mail . . . it’s . . . um . . . all goats.”

Nana didn’t know about the 2011 Nanny Goats in Panties calendar, you see, and she most certainly didn’t know that if she flipped to her birthday month of April, she’d find her grandgoatbaby staring back at her.

That’s right! Pasqualina the pin-up goat is one of the caprine creatures featured in Margaret’s Nanny Goats in Panties 2011 Calendar:

Nanny Goat in Panties Calendar

If you follow some goat sites, you’ll see lots of familiar, adorable faces. Each photo is so ridiculously cute — if you don’t have goats now, tread carefully. This could send you over the edge.

Thanks so much Margaret of NGIP for putting this together!

Click on the calendar above or go directly to the Nanny Goats in Panties 2011 Calendar to order now!

Walking a Mile in Your Goat’s Hoof Shoes

Sometimes as goat caretakers, we may find it difficult to really understand what a goat is going through whether it’s birth, weaning, milking, or other caprine activities.

Well, here’s our chance* to walk a mile in our goats’ shoes.

Classic black hoof boot

Classic black hoof boot

Perhaps, though, you were thinking a bit more . . . rustic?

Zip up front hoof boots

Zip up front hoof boots

Why yes those are gun goat hoof shoes

Why yes those are gun goat hoof shoes

And for those times when you’re just relaxing around the pen:

Hoof slippers

Hoof slippers

What do you think your kids (human or caprine) would say if they saw you in any of these?

*Click on the photos for source information.

Goat Costume for Halloween

Yes, I know it’s only August, but it’s never too early to start planning your Halloween costume, right?

Especially when you can dress up like this:

Goat costume from Costume Craze

Goat costume from Costume Craze

I kinda wish I was making this up, but I’m not.

Have you ever “gone goat” for Halloween?

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