GoatSpotting: The Way of the Goat in Acqui Terme

This country mouse headed to the big city last week as I flew to Milan to meet up with some long-time virtual friends I hadn’t yet met in person. One of those lovely ladies is Diana Baur of Piemontescapes, a certain simplicity*, and the Baur Bed & Breakfast, where I spent two wonderfully cozy (one snowy!) nights (P.S. highly, highly recommended).

I also got a chance to check out the small city of Acqui Terme, home of famous hot sulphur springs that spout up right in the town square. I’ll be writing more about my trip up north over at Bleeding Espresso, but there was one particular aspect that I had to tell my goat people about . . .

While wandering through Acqui Terme after a rather amazingly random and beautiful Italian experience, we found ourselves on a particularly adorable street, so I had to stop and snap a photo:

Via Capra, Acqui Terme, Italy

Via Capra, Acqui Terme, Italy

It did not surprise me one bit when I looked up at the end of the street and saw its name:

The Way of the Goat

The Way of the Goat

Yes, that’s Goat Street in Italian, or as I like to say, The Way of the Goat.

See, my girls are never too far away from me no matter where I roam.

This counts as a GoatSpotting, right?

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3 Responses to “GoatSpotting: The Way of the Goat in Acqui Terme”
  1. 12.04.2010

    Of course, this counts as a goat sighting!

    Thanks Teresa!


  2. 12.08.2010

    What a gorgeous street! Love the colors, the name, & yes, I would say this def. counts as a goat sighting 😀

    Haha thanks Beth!


  3. 12.08.2010

    And now that Sarah & I have viewed all the photos of Baur B&B, I have a strong temptation to return the Christmas gifts & just make a family vacation everyone’s present!!

    Well Diana is closed in the winter, but I highly recommend a spring booking 🙂


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