Goat Brushing, As Inspired By a Cat

My goats aren’t for show, and Pasqualina has always kept herself clean and pretty on her own, so I never even thought about getting a brush — until we rescued a long-haired cat not too long ago:

That’s Giordano, and he is one big furball. Along with kitty kibble, a brush is one of the first things I bought after he came to live with us. And while I was there at the pet store, I picked up another brush to try out on the goaties.

Whoa. If you want to hold a goat hostage, brushing is the way to go.

I’m pretty sure the girls would stand there every day of the week and twice on Sunday for me to run the brush over their new! improved! shinier! happier! coats! Unfortunately for them, the temps have been ridiculously hot over the past couple weeks, so I can’t brush for very long before the sweat literally starts dripping all over us. Gross, I know.

Needless to say, I didn’t feel you’d exactly *want* photographic evidence of the sweat scene, so here’s a Pasqualina picture I played with in iPhoto instead:

Do your goaties love a good brushing too?

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7 Responses to “Goat Brushing, As Inspired By a Cat”
  1. 07.19.2010

    If they had their way we would be their servants,brushing and scratching all day long all the while hand feeding them tasty morsels like corn husk and poison ivy!

    Ooh corn husks and poison ivy…your goaties live the life!


  2. 07.19.2010

    Of course, I do not have goats being in a fourth-floor walk up in an urban area (if I tried…), um. But Giulia loves to have her fur brushed, very much. We think Giordano is gorgeous, btw. Love the idea of you & the girls playing beauty parlor. You’re their parrucchiera…

    Yes! Funny enough, Pinta has this little patch on her bum that always stands up, so she might could use some hair product!


  3. 07.19.2010

    Our goats have and do always love getting brushed! Kitty and Pasqualina are so pretty! Enjoy!

    Thanks Pam 🙂


  4. 07.20.2010

    Most of my girls like to be brushed as long as it is a really soft brush. A couple of them are a bit too snooty to stand there and let us brush them.

    Oh they have *no* idea what they’re missing 🙂


  5. 07.21.2010

    oh, yes. Brushing is a big deal at our house. Everyone lines up and waits their turn, some more impatiently than others.

    Haha, I can imagine the scene, Polly!


  6. 08.19.2011

    I just found this post. My goat LOVE being brushed with one of those hard plastic curry combs made for horses. Zinnia will stand all day and totally zone out. Her sister only wants to be brushed after she has sampled all the fallen leaves and shrubbery. Love the stories of your goats. I am just getting into this and it is fun to find people as excited about these critters as I am….


    michelle Reply:

    Hee hee…welcome to the club, Elsie! You’re in good company 😀


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