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GoatSpotting: Snow Goat

I spotted this adorable snow goat on a Facebook friend’s page:

Snow Goat in Spindale, NC, home of Spindale Dairy Goat Festival

Snow Goat in Spindale, NC, home of Spindale Dairy Goat Festival

As you can see in the caption, this snow goat was made by Sun Painter in Spindale, NC, home of Spindale Dairy Goat Festival. Here are some highlights from last year’s festival and parade:


If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out, and tell them Michelle at Goat Berries sent you!

And remember if you spot any goats out and about, send them in for GoatSpotting!

GoatSpotting: The Way of the Goat in Acqui Terme

This country mouse headed to the big city last week as I flew to Milan to meet up with some long-time virtual friends I hadn’t yet met in person. One of those lovely ladies is Diana Baur of Piemontescapes, a certain simplicity*, and the Baur Bed & Breakfast, where I spent two wonderfully cozy (one snowy!) nights (P.S. highly, highly recommended).

I also got a chance to check out the small city of Acqui Terme, home of famous hot sulphur springs that spout up right in the town square. I’ll be writing more about my trip up north over at Bleeding Espresso, but there was one particular aspect that I had to tell my goat people about . . .

While wandering through Acqui Terme after a rather amazingly random and beautiful Italian experience, we found ourselves on a particularly adorable street, so I had to stop and snap a photo:

Via Capra, Acqui Terme, Italy

Via Capra, Acqui Terme, Italy

It did not surprise me one bit when I looked up at the end of the street and saw its name:

The Way of the Goat

The Way of the Goat

Yes, that’s Goat Street in Italian, or as I like to say, The Way of the Goat.

See, my girls are never too far away from me no matter where I roam.

This counts as a GoatSpotting, right?

GoatSpotting: Goat Busters!

Today’s GoatSpotting submission reminds us just how useful goats can be even for those who don’t raise them:

Click on the image to learn more about Goat Busters.

Click on the image to learn more about Goat Busters.

As we goat people know, our caprine friends are increasingly being “hired” to clear off land and whatnot — even by the Vanderbilt Estate! — especially on steep inclines and other precarious places that goaties just love.

Is it just me or are you also beginning to think goats could solve many of the world’s problems if given half the chance? Food and milk supplies, keeping weeds and overgrowth in check, and, ahem, fertilizing it all along the way with their amazing (and free!) goat berries.

Also, as noted by Jace Goodling of Bent Post Farm and Goat Busters, they also provide plenty of “agri-tainment!” Anyone who has ever watched goats for more than a minute understands this, I’m sure.

Special thanks to my friend Salena of The Daily Rant for this GoatSpotting!

Remember if you spot a goat out and about, snap a photo and send it along!

GoatSpotting: Cabrito in NYC

My friend Frances recently spotted a goat right in the middle of New York City. For real!

Il Cabrito, NYC

Cabrito Mexican Restaurant, NYC

OK, so it’s not a real goat, but it is fuscia! How can you beat a fuscia goat?! It’s the mascot, by the way, of Cabrito Mexican Restaurant. Has anyone ever eaten there?

I wonder what the locals would say if I hung a big fuscia goat outside my house. Hmm….

Remember your photos are always welcome for GoatSpotting!

GoatSpotting: Le Capre di Capri

Couldn’t resist the little play on words in the title. Let me explain: Today’s GoatSpotting goats were spotted on the island of Capri, off the coast of Italy. For those who don’t know, “goats” in Italian is “capre,” so there you have it.

And here we have them!

Goat on a rock

Spotted goat spotted on a rock

Crazy capre caprese!

Crazy capre caprese!

Thanks so much to Jo McGlip, who along with her Italian husband Costanzo, operate the best Italian restaurant in Scotland, The Caprese Restaurant in Glasgow. Although it will close at the end of the year, they’ll have a new restaurant opening nearby, so until then, if you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to stop in!

The Caprese Restaurant
217 Buchanan Street
Glasgow G1 2JZ

Telephone:-  0141 332 3070

And remember, if you’re out and about and spot a goat, snap a photo, and send it over!

GoatSpotting: A French Goat…Oui Oui!

There’s no avoiding the fact that when some people think of me, they think of goats. Don’t get me wrong; this is totally fine with me since goats are the *coolest.*

Indeed, it always puts a smile on my face whenever I receive a goat-related article, story, or photo in my inbox — so please do keep them coming, especially since I’ve decided to start a feature called “GoatSpotting.”

Our first GoatSpotting comes to us courtesy of one of my favorite bloggers — and I’m not saying that just because she’s trying to save my beloved Nutella. LuccaBella in Italia shares what it’s like to be an 8-year-old American girl living in Italy (under the close supervision of her mom, Maria of Tomorrow in Italy and My-Bands, a revolutionary medical ID bracelet you should really check out); friend of the family Francesca Volpi recently sent them photos from Ile d’Ouessant in France, and they couldn’t help but notice this guy just grazing along:

A French goat! Oui oui!

A French goat! Oui oui!

Yay! Our first GoatSpotting!

Yes, some readers of Goat Berries have their own goats, so they can spot goats whenever they like, but for everyone else, running into a goat (figuratively) can be a rather amazing experience…and I want to hear about it. And see it. So please, when you’re out and about and come across a goat, snap a photo, and send it my way.

Let’s get GoatSpotting!

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