GoatSpotting: Goat Busters!

Today’s GoatSpotting submission reminds us just how useful goats can be even for those who don’t raise them:

Click on the image to learn more about Goat Busters.

Click on the image to learn more about Goat Busters.

As we goat people know, our caprine friends are increasingly being “hired” to clear off land and whatnot — even by the Vanderbilt Estate! — especially on steep inclines and other precarious places that goaties just love.

Is it just me or are you also beginning to think goats could solve many of the world’s problems if given half the chance? Food and milk supplies, keeping weeds and overgrowth in check, and, ahem, fertilizing it all along the way with their amazing (and free!) goat berries.

Also, as noted by Jace Goodling of Bent Post Farm and Goat Busters, they also provide plenty of “agri-tainment!” Anyone who has ever watched goats for more than a minute understands this, I’m sure.

Special thanks to my friend Salena of The Daily Rant for this GoatSpotting!

Remember if you spot a goat out and about, snap a photo and send it along!

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2 Responses to “GoatSpotting: Goat Busters!”
  1. 10.09.2010

    They can sure clean up brush and leaves fast! I just posted about how only a few of my Boer goats cleaned up an entire fallen tree in just a few hours.

    Yes, excellent point — they also work FAST 🙂


  2. 10.09.2010

    They are so great, I think they could even bring about world peace!

    Totally agree, Teresa…certainly couldn’t do a worse job than we’ve done so far!


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