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Surfing goat

Hoof Ten, Dude! Surfing Goat Video Makes a Splash

Never thought you’d see a goat surfing? Think again.

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The Red Goats of Kingston by Paul Kirby

The Red Goats of Kingston, NY

Kingston, New York is currently under attack by a herd of red spray-painted goats (now with white numbers on them) on new planter boxes on Wall and North Front Streets.

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Colbert's love for goats EXPOSED!

Colbert Goes to the Goats — Again

Stephen Colbert compares the debt deal to The Three Billy Goats Gruff fairy tale.

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Usher & Goat courtesy of Starcasm

Usher Duet with Goat Who Sounds Like a Man

Usher performs this duet with the YouTube goat who sounds like a man when he bleats. HILARIOUS.

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Fighting the Chicago Cubs’ Goat Curse with Love

Perhaps the way to conquer The Curse of the Billy Goat on the Chicago Cubs is to just be nice to the darn goat.

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Cubs Try to Buck Billy Goat Curse with Snarky T-Shirts

The Chicago Cubs attempt to buck the Billy Goat Curse by wearing snarky t-shirts.

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