Usher Duet with Goat Who Sounds Like a Man

First, I’m sorry if these videos automatically play as I truly hate that phenomenon on the Internet, but they didn’t for me so hopefully they won’t for you either. Just press play on Usher, then goat, sit back, and enjoy.

Second, OMG HILARIOUS! It’s kind of freaky how much this goat really does sound like Usher. . . there are parts when you really can’t tell which is which!

YouTube Doubler

Usher & Goat

Usher & Goat courtesy of Starcasm

They really don’t look anything alike, however.

Thanks to Starcasm for finding and sharing what might be the best mash-up ever — at least for this Goat Girl.

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3 Responses to “Usher Duet with Goat Who Sounds Like a Man”
  1. 06.29.2011

    OMG!!! how funny! I loved it that they played together….I was going to do that anyways….lmbo!!! <3

    I’ve watched it so many times already!


  2. Judy De Sapio

    I love it – my two favorites are Usher and Goat. Hilarious!! I’ve watched it five times!

    Hahaha glad you enjoyed, Judy!


  3. Judy De Sapio

    Thanks Michelle

    My pleasure, Judy!


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