Catch the End of Goaterie!

I worked hard through July to get ahead on my work in order to take off last week — and it was *so* worth it. Except for the fact that with my nose to the grindstone, I totally missed Goaterie, an event hosted by Creative Culinary and La Fuji Mama to raise awareness about the wonders of goat meat, milk, and cheese in the blogosphere and on Twitter. The horror!



The idea for Goaterie sprouted from Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarborough’s Goat: Meat, Milk, Cheese, a review for which I *hope* to be bringing you at some point here at Goat Berries; I had been in touch with Mark back before the book was released, but since I’m in Italy, there were some glitches on getting me a copy . . . *but* fingers crossed that it works out.

Goat: Meat, Milk, Cheese

In the meantime, although I missed the bulk of Goaterie, you can catch one last chat this evening on Twitter. From the official Goaterie announcement:

Monday, August 1st, 2011 at 9pm EST.  We’ll be sharing our experiences, talking about the things we’ve learned, etc.

Make sure you follow the hashtag #goaterie for both events and throughout the month for ongoing goat discussion.

Have you been following along with Goaterie?

Be sure to check out tonight’s chat!

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2 Responses to “Catch the End of Goaterie!”
  1. Actually the event sprouted as the result of my seeing goat meat at a local ethnic market. I mentioned it on Twitter, Rachael commented she loved goat meat and we were off to the races, asking Mark and others to participate in the chats we setup. We hoped to get others onboard with trying the meat and if not meat, then sharing dishes they’ve made with other goat products; the response has been great and we’ve got over 30 participants now (and recipes).

    That being said…I’ve done plenty of goat cheese dishes but it was only, finally, last night that I got busy making a dish using goat meat. Sort of felt an obligation if you can imagine.

    What was really weird, even to me? Taking that first bite, not knowing what to expect; I mean I really gingerly put that first piece of meat in my mouth; expecting to have to deal with a gamey taste that might be unpleasant. I was so pleasantly surprised…it was just tasty, actually very tasty. Now to cool down the meat after a night in the crockpot, pull it apart and make my Pulled Goat BBQ sandwiches!

    Thanks for the mention; we had a very successful chat 2 weeks ago and are looking forward to tonight’s to discuss the ‘experience.’


    michelle Reply:

    Thanks for stopping by, Barbara! Always happy to share good goatie news 🙂


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