Goats of the World: A Wee Bit About Scottish Goats

A little while ago, I got a lovely email from a Goat Berries reader in Scotland who wrote, “It’s great to know other folk as as mad about goats as I am!” I just love reading emails that start like that!

Cheryl continued:

We have two African pygmy goats, Lionel and Marvin (a bit of a soul singer theme going on there). Since I got them six months ago they’ve become the most pampered goats in Scotland. We live in Aberdeenshire with a few acres and I had hankered after goats after meeting a lady who made soap from their milk. She had a herd of Saanen, lovely docile creatures they were too. I was lulled into a sense of false security though, my two boys are the cheekiest naughtiest goats ever! They are two neutred males and we got them from babies so that last few months have been a steep learning curve.

Without further ado, meet Cheryl, Lionel, and Marvin!

Marvin and Lionel with Cheryl

Marvin and Lionel with Cheryl

Marvin has the brown spot, and Lionel is all white — don’t they look like they just love the snow? Cheryl says the rain “dampens their spirits” — but not the snow!

Cheryl also told me a bit about their eating habits, which I also love to read:

On your site you mentioned favourite foods for the goats, there is a huge list of things mine won’t eat which includes most vegetables and green things you would think they would like. But I’ve discovered bananas and raisins are the absolute favourites, along with raspberries, plain biscuits and toffee popcorn and white chocolate ice cream (the last two items were an accident, they are NOT part of their regular diet!).

Yes, we can tell Marvin and Lionel are most definitely loved.

Cheryl surely making Marvin jealous

Cheryl surely making Marvin jealous

If you’d like to share your goat stories, especially if you don’t have a blog but even if you do, please send them along with photos, and I’ll post them here. It’s always fun to meet other goat lovers and goaties of the world! Yup, just created a new feature — Goats of the World. Send ’em in!

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