Check out the Goat Cam at Goats Live!

No, Pasqualina and Pinta aren’t the latest goat film stars — I just wanted to let you know about a 24/7 goat cam over at Goats Live.

There you can check out Nick and Molly, two mini-Saanens, who have been viewed over 50,000 times from 87 countries around the world. There are actually two cameras on them, so you’re sure to capture all the action.

Nick and Molly when they were just wee kids courtesy of Goats Live

Nick and Molly when they were just wee kids courtesy of Goats Live

You may also catch a glimpse of humans Debbie, a former TV personality in the Tampa Bay area; her husband Sparrow, a former broadcast engineer now retired because of multiple sclerosis; and their adult son Hilary who has autism. Debbie and Sparrow are both retired, and aside from their goat hobby, also dabble in ham radio.

Anyone who has watched goats for even five minutes knows just how much fun it can be to see them in action, so this is especially great for those of you who don’t have goats of your own — yet.

Yes, yet. I firmly believe there are two kinds of people in this world: goat caretakers and future goat caretakers. Their powers are just too strong to resist forever.

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3 Responses to “Check out the Goat Cam at Goats Live!”
  1. 11.01.2010

    Awe… sweet!….I’ll take two..he he!

    Pam, I told Paolo yesterday I want some “nano” (mini) goats…the look in response wasn’t what I’d call…encouraging 😉 xx


  2. 11.02.2010

    Mini-Saanens! Why would you want a mini when you can have a BIG goat like me????

    Haha I was thinking of you, Millie, as I wrote this…you have to admit those little ones are *kinda* cute though, right? 😉


  3. 11.04.2010

    I admit they are cute–only because they are goats (and ALL goats are cute), even if they are little ones!

    That is very charitable of you, Millie! See, you *are* the bigger goat 😉


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