My Goats Are Walking All Over Me


Normally I wear a cheap pair of fake Crocs to the goat pen, but yesterday I forgot to change my shoes and went over in just my flip flops. This is a mistake I’ll never make again because OMGOMGOMG OOOOOWWWWWWIEEEE does it hurt when a goat steps on your bare foot! And then dances ever so slightly on it just to make sure your fourth toe on your left foot is actually cut open instead of just throbbing in pain.

Sure, Pasqualina will say she didn’t dance, but I think the guilt is written all over her smirking face.

Guilty goat.

Guilty goat.

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4 Responses to “My Goats Are Walking All Over Me”
  1. 08.30.2010

    Oh OUCH!! But I’m sure Pasqualina didn’t mean it! I can tell from the picture! Yeah, sure, she’s just laughing to cheer you up! (said in my best old movie mob-guy voice) Hope the cut isn’t too bad, & that you washed it good & keep it covered!

    Thank you for your concern, Beth…and thanks from Pasqualina from taking *her* side 😉


  2. 08.30.2010

    oh, yes. I make that mistake often as I think I will just run out to check on the chickens and end up having to go in and deal with the goats…the 200 lb ones do an extra special job of finding my toes.

    It’s like our toes have hoof magnets!


  3. 08.31.2010

    They seem to fight over who gets to step on your feet. They certainly do weigh a lot! Hope the toe isn’t too bad!

    In the words of Monty Python…just a flesh wound 😉


  4. 08.31.2010

    That sweet little Pasqualina. I saw some cute goats at the county fair this weekend. They looked a lot like Pasqualina.

    Aw…thanks for thinking of us 🙂


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