Reader Question: Double or Y-Shaped Teats

Questions? by Valerie Everett on Flickr

Questions? by Valerie Everett on Flickr

I got an email yesterday from a reader who has recently agreed to take on two kids (male and female) with the hopes of perhaps getting into small scale cheesemaking and soapmaking someday.

The rub is that they just discovered the little doe has Y-shaped teats. As there isn’t a whole lot of useful information out there on the Internet about this situation, I was wondering whether any of you with more goatie experience has some advice or info to share? The reader really wants to know whether it would still be a good idea to keep the little ones — perhaps pros and cons?

Any and all responses welcome! Thaaaaaaaanks!

Also, if you have a goatie question they’d like to post to Goat Berries readers, please feel free to contact me!

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3 Responses to “Reader Question: Double or Y-Shaped Teats”
  1. 07.09.2010

    If she just wants milk for herself I say go ahead and just wether the boys and check the girls. She should still be a good milk goat. Most people would say to not breed her but I’m not so hardcore. But the trait will pop up now and again.

    This was my impression as well; that if she’s not for show, it won’t *really* matter. I did read that there could be some issues/difficulties with milking, but I tend to think we can adjust as goat people 😉 Thanks goatgirl!


  2. 07.10.2010

    I have to agree. I have some that have those double teats. I don’t milk all of mine, and they aren’t for show. Their kids seem smart enough to figure them out, and it’s never been an issue.

    I’ve fixed it, Teresa; thank you for sharing your bleats!


  3. 07.10.2010

    Sorry-mine are not for show, so the extra teat doesn’t make a difference.

    Noted, thanks Teresa!


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