Vote 4 Goat – Goat 4 Sale!

Several of my goatie Facebook friends have been spreading the word about some “Vote 4 Goat” business, so I had to check it out…and the verdict is:

Moose is too cute!

Doritos Goat

Here’s the deal. Doritos has an annual Crash the Super Bowl contest, and some fellow goat lovers filmed a commercial featuring “a silly Doritos-loving goat named Moose.”

Of course (because who can resist a goat?!), “Goat 4 Sale” was selected as one of the TOP 5 Finalists for the competition.


What does this mean? Well, it means that, with your help, we have a chance at having “Goat 4 Sale” air on TV across America during the biggest TV event of the year – The Super Bowl!! That’s an honor enough, but not only that, there’s a shot at winning a million dollars and a gig with director Michael Bay!

Your vote can help make it happen, and send Moose the Goat all the way to the Super Bowl! You can vote EVERY DAY between now and January 29. Not only that, you can vote TWICE a day: once from your desktop computer, once from your mobile device.

So, would you help us make TV history and send “Goat 4 Sale” to the Super Bowl? VOTE HERE NOW!

Did you get all that? YOU can help make sure Moose the Doritos-loving goat gets some serious Super Bowl Sunday love by voting for the “Goat 4 Sale” commercial. So go forth, watch the commercial, and . . .

Vote 4 Goat!

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4 Responses to “Vote 4 Goat – Goat 4 Sale!”
  1. 01.14.2013

    hahahahaha That scream is SO worth the win! lol

    The Sisterhood of the Goat is LOVIN’ Moose! xoxo

    Oh, we DO so need a goat in the Superbowl………… 🙂

    The Goat Borrower


    michelle Reply:

    We need a goat everywhere, so yes, including the Super Bowl! 🙂


  2. 03.29.2013

    I LOVE you, Moose!! 😉


    michelle Reply:

    Hee hee…don’t we all?! 😀


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