Italian Goat in Golia Commercial Knows His ‘Herbs’

Italian television normally doesn’t have very much to offer, but every now and again, there’s  a real gem. That was the case the other night as Paolo and I had the TV on for background noise as we each pecked away on a computer, but both of our heads flipped around when we heard a distinctive sound: a goat bell.

It was this commercial:

I still laugh every time I see it!

For those who don’t speak Italian, this is a commercial for Golia brand throat lozenges that are made with medicinal herbs. The voiceover says:

Chi conosce l’erbe non sbaglia.

He who knows herbs is never wrong.

Goats, of course, know herbs, but really this is a clever play on words as “erbe” in Italian also means grass, weeds, generally all the stuff that goats like to eat.

Like with many cross-cultural things, perhaps this commercial isn’t as cute once it has to be explained and translated, but we find it hilarious, and I hope you enjoy it too.

And hey, it’s always nice to see a goat hit it big, right?

Evvive le capre!

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4 Responses to “Italian Goat in Golia Commercial Knows His ‘Herbs’”
  1. 11.11.2012

    I love this, actually I love all things goat
    We’re moving to Italy soon (near Asti) and hoping to keep some goats of our own
    Thanks for sharing.


    michelle Reply:

    Hope your move goes smoothly, Cheryl! My good friend Diana Baur is also in Piemonte — 🙂


  2. 11.28.2012

    Your Goat blog is endless charming and informative. Grazie mille!


    michelle Reply:

    Thanks so much Sonya; I have a lot of fun with it 🙂


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