The Goat Spot Forum App for iPhone/iPad & Android

Have you ever visited The Goat Spot? If you raise goats, chances are good you’ve come across this extremely helpful and informative place. I don’t participate regularly, but I do browse (ha!) quite often just to see what other goat caretakers are going through and talking about.

And now I can do this via The Goat Spot Forum App, and you can too:

The Goat Spot Forum

The forums cover just about any questions you may have about goats, and if yours isn’t covered, you can join up and ask. Topics include but aren’t limited to:

  • Goat management
  • Health & wellness
  • Beginners goat raising
  • Dairy diaries
  • Meat market
  • Working goats
  • Fuzzy fibers
  • Mini mania

There’s even a section where we goat people who have lost caprine friends can pay tribute to our gone-but-never-forgotten goaties: the Rainbow Bridge.

The Goat Spot also has space reserved for classifieds and lots more on breeding info…and many, many goatie photos, of course.

If you haven’t checked out the site, I highly recommend it — and get the *free* app while you’re at it.

It’s maaaaaaaahvelous!

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One Response to “The Goat Spot Forum App for iPhone/iPad & Android”
  1. 10.27.2012

    I have not visited goat spot yet, but I think I should start now.. I could learn from there and I will share them to my distant cousin who is a close friend of mine. Thanks for the idea.


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