Goat News at The Huffington Post

My friend Beth alerted me to this adorable “Baby Goats Hopping in Sweaters” video that she saw at The Huffington Post:

 True cuteness for sure. Nothing brings me joy like watching bouncy baby goats!

Then I read the info below the video and discovered that HuffPo now has a *whole page dedicated to goat news.*

Goats at HuffPo

Finally some international recognition for our lovelies — though Pasqualina is confused as to why she isn’t being consulted on editorial decisions.

Forlorn Pasqualina

Forlorn Pasqualina

This is her looking forlorn just for you, HuffPo.

If you happen to need a GIC (Goat-in-Chief), well, you know where to find her.

Word to the wise, though: bring raisins to negotiations. Lots.

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5 Responses to “Goat News at The Huffington Post”
  1. Wynona

    OMG! I can’t imagine goats can be so this adorable and cute! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this cute little ones. 🙂


  2. PrudenceLee

    Love this video! Look those baby goats.. they’re so cute! Want to bring them home! Lol!


    michelle Reply:

    Join the club, Prudence 😉


  3. justin

    Those baby goats are so cute!


    michelle Reply:



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