Keep Calm and Love Goats

Finally one of these “Keep Calm” messages I can fully support:

Keep Calm and Love Goats T-shirt available at the keepcalmstore at Etsy

Available at the keepcalmstore at Etsy (click photo for more info)

Although really, I think it’s the reverse, because when you’re loving on your goats, calm is somehow magically created.

At least in my experience.

What about in yours? Do your goats bring you a sense of peace and calm too?

Thanks to Samantha for sending me the link!

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4 Responses to “Keep Calm and Love Goats”
  1. Samantha

    Ha ha! I love it.

    This is my favorite “Keep Calm” although “Keep Calm and Leprechaun” is a close second. 😉

    Being with my goats is absolutely calming. Annabelle is very mellow and Bettie lives for scratches and to give kisses. I can’t wait until the weather gets nicer (we live in the pacific northwest) so we can spend more time outside with our girls.


    michelle Reply:

    HA! The leprechaun one is pretty awesome indeed!


  2. 02.26.2012

    There is naught more calming than getting to my borrowed barn at the end of the day and having Darla run directly to me and do the most calming thing in the world…..the goatie breath exchange (you know, where they stop and breathe from your mouth for……well, whatever their goatie reason.) Sublime. 😉


    michelle Reply:

    So lovely, Mimi; thanks for sharing!


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