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Goat: Milk, Meat, Cheese

Goat by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough

I’d recommend this book to goat lovers; those who want to try some new recipes based on goat meat, milk, and cheese; cookbook lovers; and anyone who just love some good food writing. It’s all there in Goat. Maaaarvelous!

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Surfing goat

Hoof Ten, Dude! Surfing Goat Video Makes a Splash

Never thought you’d see a goat surfing? Think again.

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The Red Goats of Kingston by Paul Kirby

The Red Goats of Kingston, NY

Kingston, New York is currently under attack by a herd of red spray-painted goats (now with white numbers on them) on new planter boxes on Wall and North Front Streets.

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Nanny Goats in Panties 2012 calendar

Nanny Goats in Panties 2012 Calendars Available!

Nanny Goats in Panties 2012 calender has arrived — and yes, Pasqualina and Pinta from Goat Berries are featured.

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Goat on donkey (no not in that way)

GoatSpotting: Goats on Things

A Goat Berries reader has sent in some great photos of goats on things.

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Oman goat

GoatSpotting: Fighting Goatiephobia One Goat at a Time

This goat from Oman can help fight goatiephobia.

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You Know You’re a Goat Ma When…

Come add your reason(s) as to how you know you're a goat ma or goat pa or just a goat lover!

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Goats that readers have spotted out and about. Send your photos to michelle(at)goatberries(dot)com! 

Baby the Goat in Georgia
Anguillian Goats
Goats in Central Park Zoo, NYC
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Tuscan goat
Goat on donkey (no not in that way)
Oman goat
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Testa Dura Goat Cheese
Goat at Maine Fiber Frolic 2011