‘Tis the Season for Goat Colds (Updated)

As you all know, I’m a worry wart goat mum — and here we are on a fine Sunday morning, and Pinta seems to have a cold. Or at least I hope it’s just a cold.

When I showed up at the pen this morning, she had some clear to white nasal discharge and coughed a couple times. She doesn’t want to eat, but her temperature is normal as are her goat berries (how thoughtful of her to poop while I was in the pen!).

Yes, by the by, this is the first time I’ve ever had to take a goat’s temperature; in my nearly three years with goaties, we’ve fortunately never had any symptoms that required pulling out the rectal thermometer. Until today.

Pinta also intermittently coughed (dry cough) about a week ago for a few days, but then it stopped — or at least it did while I was there. I thought maybe that was just hay dust issues, though I had been listening for that as well. I’d say it’s been at least three or four days since I heard a cough — before this morning.

So, expert goat people, this is most likely just a cold, right? But also something I should watch in case it’s pneumonia? Anything you recommend doing now to help her along? I think I may have the vet come and look at her just in case.

I’m trying not to freak out. It’s not really working.

My baby Pinters in happier times:

Purty Pinters

Purty Pinters

**UPDATE** Somehow the nasal symptoms aren’t nearly as worrying as the fact that it seems Pinta has bloat. The veterinarian can’t come today, so I’ve been walking her around, massaging her belly, and after I heard a couple burps, put some baking soda in her mouth. Another vet-trained friend said to give her Coca-Cola, which seemed counter-intuitive to me, but did seem to help. I’m going back out now to sit with her, massage some more, and hope for the best. By the time I left the pen, she was definitely more alert than when I first arrived (well, it was my fifth time there today). *So* nervous. Please send positive thoughts for Pinters!

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4 Responses to “‘Tis the Season for Goat Colds (Updated)”
  1. 12.18.2011


    While not close to an expert (Goat Borrower, remember?) 😉
    I DO read excessively so that I may stay awake nights and worry about Darla.
    To date she’s had EVERY disease known to goats! (I swear!)
    Farmer is tolerant (and dismisses most all) but he does seem to worry about lungs and berries, so I think you’re right to be concerned.

    I’m sorry I don’t have an answer…..but you *do* have my support and energy blessings.

    I’m anxious, as well, to hear from the true goatie experts. Edenhill Farms can probably answer right away. She’s the best.

    Blessings for good health………


    michelle Reply:

    Thanks Mimi; she did burp a couple times and I heard gurgling, but the rumen doesn’t really seem to be going down much if at all — but it’s so hard to tell at this point. It’s also dark now. UGH 🙁


  2. 12.19.2011

    I’m so sorry I’m just now getting caught up, but it sounds like you were on track with everything you did.


    michelle Reply:

    Thx Teresa; it looked like all was going well for a while 🙁


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