Goat Trauma Awareness Month Poster Contest

As much as we love goats around here, we know that sadly some people are afraid of our lovelies because of a bad experience, usually as a child. Enter:

Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation

OK, so the website is firmly tongue-in-cheek with “stats” such as “The majority of goat traumas occur before age eight and after age fifty-two,” but the advice to avoid becoming a “victim” is actually quite sound. Some helpful tips include the following:

  • Never, under any circumstances, turn your back on a goat. This is Rule Number One of Goat Trauma Avoidance.
  • Avoid petting zoos. The majority of goat traumas occurring each year take place at petting zoos.
  • Stay alert. Goats are deceitful and can hide just about anywhere.

If you’d like to help spread awareness about the dangers of goat trauma, you can send your own Goat Trauma Awareness poster to the CGTF so long as it meets the following criteria:

1.    No obscenity, of any kind.
2.    Posters must conform to an 8.5 x 11 inch standard, so that they are easy for the average person to print.
3.    Posters must convey the importance of Goat Trauma avoidance or the dangers of Goat Trauma.
4.    Posters must convey that June is Goat Trauma Awareness Month.
5.    Posters must not include any material copyrighted by anyone other than the submitter.

The top five posters as judged by the CGTF staff will be featured on the site and eventually made available for others to download. The contest ends on June 30, 2011; for full details, including how to submit your entry, visit the Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation‘s website.

Everyone should love goats. Let’s help make that happen.

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