Goat Shelters: PolyDome Update

A little while back we discussed whether a PolyDome shelter would work for goats, and I did want to give a quick update from Heidi and Paul, who had originally asked the question and who then went with the PolyDome for their little ones.

During the winter, I got an email from them that said, “We are using the PolyDome and think our goats love it. We go in it ourselves to check the warmth and find it to be quite cozy.”

And then this was the final verdict after some long, cold months:

We think the Polydome was great.  We got down below freezing a number of times this winter and the girls were fine. I moved it from where it was all winter so there is not the deep bedpack in [the goat milking video]. The bedpack really helped to keep it warmer inside.

So there you have it. If you are considering a PolyDome shelter for your goats, this is first-hand experience with them — looks like they work just fine so long as you keep your eye on the warmth level.

goat by kkirugi on Flickr

goat by kkirugi on Flickr

If you have questions about goat care, feel free to contact me; I can’t promise I’ll know the answer, but I will throw your question up here at the blog so other goat caretakers can weigh in, and we can learn together!

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  1. Tess

    I am interested in purchasing these shelters for my Dwarf Nigerian Goats. I may purchase 4 goats, how many shelters do you think I need?


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