The Goats Get Ready for World Nutella Day

In case you don’t know, I happen to be one of the co-hosts of World Nutella Day, a celebration of the wonderful chocolate hazelnut spread that goes great with just about everything. The festivities will take place all day tomorrow, so if you’re interested in participating, head over to for some ideas.

I’ve been busy baking (recipe tomorrow at Bleeding Espresso), but I couldn’t resist taking the empty jar out to the girls for a photo op:

The girls get ready for World Nutella Day

The girls get ready for World Nutella Day

Don’t worry, I didn’t actually let them eat any Nutella as I doubt it would be very good for them (because it’s *so* good for us, right?!), but they did get some raisins and a banana as their rewards for being so darn photogenic.

Buon World Nutella Day!

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3 Responses to “The Goats Get Ready for World Nutella Day”
  1. 02.04.2011

    Love the girl’s wanting to dig right in…me too! lol! Excited to see your recipe, another fine and yummy one I’m sure! Huggies to those adorables! p.s. always a treat to see them! I just love your goats in Italy, so rustic, like you said!

    Thanks so much Pam; they were *way* too excited to see that Nutella jar, I have to say…felt so guilty b/c they weren’t getting any that I had no choice but to give them treats!


  2. 02.07.2011

    I hope that’s not the same jar you used to make hot chocolate. I know you love your goats but….

    What, you don’t enjoy a little goat spittle with your Nutella hot chocolate? Hmmmph!


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