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Giggling for Goats

Do you want to know how much happiness these kids have brought me?

The other morning, Paolo told me I was smiling and giggling in my sleep. Indeed, I remembered dreaming about the kids that night, their little faces looking up at me with their big eyes and adorable smiles as they hopped around on my lap and jumped up on the gate, looking for love in all the right places.

So yeah, pretty darn happy.

If I wasn’t before, I’m officially a goat lady now — indeed, Paolo has taken to calling me La Donna delle Capre, and I take that as a huge compliment.

Or do I prefer the Goat Whisperer? Hmm….

Hide and Seek with Baby Pasqualina

This is an old video of Pasqualina and me playing hide and seek in the cantina last February when she was just a wee thing; we had only met two and a half days prior:

How cute is that baby “maaaaaaa!”

Can’t wait to hear some of those baby bleats!

*le sigh*

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