Free Snowbird! Another Goat Needs Our Help

I recently came across the plight of the Balunsat family and their pet goat Snowbird in Cecil County, Maryland. You may recall the tale of Benny the Goat in Connecticut? Well once again, government officials are pushing a goat out of town — and Snowbird could use our show of solidarity.

One of the things I believe greatly helped Benny the Goat was the involvement of those not only in his own community but also Facebook-wide. At the time of Benny’s last hearing, which secured his place in Berlin, Connecticut at least for the moment, he had nearly 700 fans on Facebook supporting his cause. Well now, as the Balunsats continue to fight for Snowbird’s right to stay with the family, they have started a group and page on Facebook, and I know they’d really appreciate our support.

Click here to “like” Snowbird’s page on Facebook

Click here to join the Free Snowbird! Group on Facebook

Click here to follow @FreeSnowbird on Twitter

Snowbird is the Balunsats’ pet goat and is a La Mancha/Nubian mix. The Free Snowbird! group page says she got her name because when she was little, she “stuck her head in a glass candle jar and [when she pulled out her head] there was a shape of a bird from the candle smoke right on her forehead.” How cute is she?!

Snowbird courtesy of the Free Snowbird! Facebook group page

Snowbird courtesy of the Free Snowbird! Facebook group page

But according to the Cecil Whig, the Cecil County Zoning Board recently ruled that “[t]he family, which under the law doesn’t own enough land to keep farm animals, has two months to get rid of the goat or appeal the case to circuit court after the county zoning board denied the Balunsat’s appeal . . . .”

So now the Balunsats are doing whatever they can to keep their darling Snowbird at home with them where she belongs. Further efforts to help Snowbird may be organized through the Facebook group/page, so if you have a moment, please click over and join the Free Snowbird! group and/or Snowbird page and help a family keep their gorgeous goatie.

And please feel free to spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.!

Snowbird needs all the help she can get!

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