Berlin CT: Let Sheri Sala Keep Benny the Goat!

Benny the Goat in Berlin, CT

Benny the Goat in Berlin, CT

I like to keep an eye on fun and interesting goat tales, which is how I end up sharing items like Tori Spelling’s pygmy and the goat symphony video.

But the other day I came across a disturbing story out of Berlin, Connecticut about Benny the Nigerian Dwarf goat. I knew I had to do more than send out a tweet about it or post the article on Facebook.

Here’s the deal:

Sheri Sala has kept Benny the goat since bottle-feeding him as a three-week old kid. Benny is a Nigerian Dwarf goat, neutered, de-horned and vaccinated, and lives beside his best animal friend, a Pomeranian.

Benny is a pet, plain and simple.

But officials in Berlin are taking a hard line on zoning laws that require three acres of land in order to keep a goat (Sheri has a quarter of an acre). The zoning laws also apply to rabbits, chickens, and other animals commonly kept, so there’s no telling where town officials will stop.

At this point, Sheri has filed a request for a variance to keep Benny, but she can use your help leading up to the hearing on APRIL 26.

I can’t imagine the stress Sheri is facing, so I looked her up on Facebook and offered to set up a page in support of her and Benny. Here it is:

Berlin CT: Let Sheri Sala Keep Benny the Goat

I ask that if you support Sheri and Benny that you “like” the page and spread the word around among your goatie friends. For more ideas on what you can do to help, please go to the “info” tab on the Facebook page.

If Benny were in a bad situation, that would be one thing, but Benny is in a loving home with plenty of room — a quarter of an acre is certainly plenty for a dwarf goat– so let’s help keep Benny in the only home he’s ever known.

Thank you, Goat Berries readers!

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2 Responses to “Berlin CT: Let Sheri Sala Keep Benny the Goat!”
  1. 04.06.2011

    I don’t facebook, but I do hope this is successful.

    Thank you, Leigh!


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