Baby goat ready to eat

Pasqualina & Her Doelings

Pasqualina gave birth on April 23, 2012 to two healthy doelings — here are the deets!

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Yawning goat

As Goat Birth Creeps Closer…

Pasqualina’s belly is growing, her udder is filling out, and she’s lying around more than usual. We’re getting close!

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Goats goats goats galore!

Goatspotting: How Many Goats Do You See?

I recently spotted some goats who came a-browsing near us, so of course I had to take photos — tell me, how many goats do you see?

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Tuscan goat

Goatspotting: Goat Under the Tuscan Sun

Faithful reader and friend Joanna sent in this photo of a goat in her neck of the woods, in Tuscany, Italy.

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Future HuffPo Goat-in-Chief?

Goat News at The Huffington Post

HuffPo now has a whole page dedicated to goat news, but Pasqualina wonders why she isn’t being consulted on editorial decisions.

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Keep Calm and Love Goats

Keep Calm and Love Goats

Keep Calm and Love Goats. Finally one of these messages I can fully support.

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You Know You’re a Goat Ma When…

Come add your reason(s) as to how you know you're a goat ma or goat pa or just a goat lover!

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Baby the Goat in Georgia
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Goats goats goats galore!
Tuscan goat
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