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Goat in tree in Africa

GoatSpotting: Goats in Trees in Africa

Check out these goats in trees in Africa by my friend SomePinkFlowers.

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Injured goat eye

Goat Eye Injury: Here’s Hay in Your Eye!

What to do when your goat gets a piece of hay stuck in her eye.

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Goat at Maine Fiber Frolic 2011

GoatSpotting at 11th Annual Maine Fiber Frolic

Photos of goats from Maine Fiber Frolic 2011.

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Please don't tell me you walked all the way over here without a banana.

Royal Goat Forgotten at Royal Wedding

With all the to-do about the Royal Wedding, no one mentioned the Royal Goat? Where *are* these people’s priorities?

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GoatSpotting: Etruscan Goats!

Mary Jane Cryan is an American-Irish writer who lives in the part of central Italy that used to be known as Etruria. She also happens to enjoy goaties and passed along these adorable photos of Mini-Himalayans living in up Etruscan-style:

La dolce vita della capra

La dolce vita della capra

WHAT? The Romans have taken over? MAAAADNESS!

WHAT? The Romans have taken over? MAAAADNESS!

If you’d like to learn more about Mary Jane and the mysterious Etruscan civilization, you can check out her book Eturia – travel, history and itineraries in central Italy, website Elegant Etruria, blog 50 Years in Italy, and Facebook group Elegant Etruria Friends — and for some multimedia fun, be sure to download our recent Eye on Italy podcast: Exploring Eturia with Mary Jane Cryan.

Remember, if you see a goat out and about, snap a photo and send it in to GoatSpotting!

Tori Spelling Doing Her Little Turn on the Goat Walk (Yeah)

A few weeks ago on the Goat Berries Facebook page, I posted this photo of Tori Spelling and her son Liam walking their pet goat in Los Angeles and noted that this is *exactly* what I wear when I’m out with the girls. Ahem.

Tori Spelling and pet goat

©Startraks Photo/Rex Features

I wasn’t going to even mention Tori and her goat here, but then this morning I saw some more news regarding Tori and Juliet (the goat) attending an event for The Fabulous Beekman Boys.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love that goats are becoming more appreciated because of some high-profile caretakers, but I also hope the romanticism of owning a goat doesn’t become confounded with the hard work it entails and just how much you need to know about these animals to take proper care of them. And by the way, as loyal Goat Berries readers know, you shouldn’t just take *one* in. Goat 101 tells us that goats like to live at least in pairs.

I’m a little afraid that some well-intentioned goat-loving people will see the cuteness (and let’s be honest, the cuteness factor of pygmy goats in particular is off the charts) and step into Easter Chick Syndrome, whereby people gift adorable little chicks to their kids, erm children, but don’t think much beyond what happens when the chick grows beyond fuzzy cuteness — if the chick gets that far, assuming the parents have done research on how to take care of the little one.

Anyway, hopefully my fears are unfounded, but it was just a little something I was thinking about this morning, which in turn reminded me of some photos I took of P walking Pasqualina and our ex-goat Margherita back when they were kids.

I could be biased, but Tori and Juliet have got *nothing* on P and the girls:

Just a boy and his goats

Just a boy and his goats

Daddy and the girls

Daddy and the girls

Buon weekend!

P.S. The title is a reference to Right Said Fred’s classic I’m Too Sexy — yes, I know you didn’t miss the reference, but I couldn’t miss the chance to include a link so you, too, could shake your little tush.

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