Goat Hair Shedding Time of Year

Last week I noticed that Pasqualina was beginning to have fuzzies on her neck. At first I thought she just had some pieces from the hay stuck in her fur (it’s been known to happen), but as I looked closer, I realized it was her soft, winter undercoat going bye-bye for the spring.

Goat shedding time

Goat shedding time

I don’t know if we were so occupied with goat birth last year at this time that I just didn’t notice, but Pasqualina definitely had some major goat hair shedding this year — which gave me a great excuse to get in there and give her a good brushing. I got several full brushes worth of undercoat, which I set free in the Sunday breeze; too bad I don’t know how to spin wool, right?

It was obvious that Pinta also has some shedding once I got to brushing her, but it wasn’t anywhere near as clumpy as Pasqualina’s; they definitely do have different types of hair — Pinta takes after her father — but I’m wondering now whether maybe the first year, their undercoats just aren’t as thick, and Pinta’s will be heavier next winter?

Look maaaa, all better!

Look maaaa, all better!

Always learning as a goat ma, that’s for sure.

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4 Responses to “Goat Hair Shedding Time of Year”
  1. 03.30.2011

    i know our horses are always extra scratchy during shedding season. They always want extra loving. :)

    I was in there brushing the other day, and honestly I think I could’ve continued for DAYS. Amazing amounts of hair coming off!


  2. 03.30.2011

    It’s more likely the difference in fur types. My little girl Dana looks flocked because she’s losing her undercoat, and twin Dixie is sleek because she doesn’t have that type of fur.

    I’m curious to see how they’ll be next year, but they’re both losing *a lot* now!


  3. patty

    My goat Mickey is five months old and is loosing along of hair, more so the. My other one Mack. He is eight months old. Is it that time of year, or should I look into why he shedding so much?


    michelle Reply:

    Hi Patty, it really depends on what the hair loss looks like; if s/he is actually getting bald spots, it may be more than simply change of season. Check for other signs of distress as well — not eating, not doing goat-like things, etc. In any event, if it’s enough to worry you even a little bit, I’d suggest having a veterinarian look at it…better safe than sorry!


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